Letra de Mana

de Krewella

Rumpa Shiva, say what you wanna
Say what you wanna, rah-tah-tah-tah
Rumpa Shiva, say what you wanna say
Puta Rica, Lisa Chica
Who's your mama? Pah-pah-pah-pah
Kuti Libre, say what you wanna say, eh
Okay, okay, bitch, I'm thriving
Wining, dining
Visa sliding
Swerving on your homies
Okay, okay, Aphrodite
Ain't no wifey
Way too icy
Damn, that pussy holy
Rolling through your town with our middle fingers up
We gone ride, ride, ride, tell your bro I say wassup (Wassup)
All my bitches down, but you never gonna cuff
Ain't no side, side, side, she a fucking number one (Whoa)
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