Jason Mraz

Letra de All I Want For Christmas Is Us

de Jason Mraz

Dont get me wrong cause I dont want to know what the truth is
I believe that Id be here with or without it
All that lies around put me where I am, where I stand

Tell me can you hear all the pretty sounds to hear
Tell me can you see all that lies around

Do you want to ride down the hill on my back?
On my back lying down on the job
Nobody slacking over here

Tell me can you look around, look around, look around
Everything is falling, falling down
Take your key and lock me up
Anything you wanna know, anything at all Im gonna tell you
Anything you want to know.

And I know far away, far away, far away, far away lies a man, lies a man
Doing what he can far away, far away
Doing what he likes for a man far away
Far away he lies awake and says what he's doing
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