Young Niggas Lil Durk, Meek Mill

Letra de Young Niggas

Niggas sellin' re-rock
I can hear the federalies tryna' eavesdrop
A hundred bands in the sneaks' box
I make a bad bitch turn into a free thot
Lately I've been rollin' round in Cali with my nigga YG and he a treetop
On my way to link up in Chicago with my nigga Durk and get the thirty-three shot
I'm just rollin' round I'm rollin' round my city
That bosstop that drop top my young niggas so wit it
And I came up and I stayed up in them trenches
Cheat code no fruit but my young niggas keep lemons
Cause I do it for the young niggas
I'm gettin' money with my young niggas
I'm totin' guns with my young niggas
And I told em' I'm the one nigga
My young niggas they so wit it
Big bag, they go get it
Get the drop that's game time
Get rolled on you don't roll wit' us
I'on know niggas I'on owe niggas
Don't talk money I show niggas
Don't talk work cause I live that
You talk work get kidnapped like yeah!
We ain't got no love for that other side no way
Young niggas 'a sweep ya whole mother's side with that K
Thirty shots on thirty shots we 'a run up on ya broad day
Lawyer money on lawyer money my young niggas okay
Banana clip going ape, stendos in my bag
Stars all on my roof, hit the hood in that wraith
I'm just rollin' round, I'm rollin' round my city
Got that thirty round, that thirty round and that semi
Free 9, shootin' niggas on free time
Pussy niggas better rewind, back it up don't say it again
Gang shit, we play to win
Play for keeps, Ikey hoppin' up out the Jeep
Lean knockin' up out the sheets
Maybach sittin' up behind the sheets yeah
Niggas back up up in the Chi they kill for me yeah
Niggas under Larry Hoover still love me yeah
A couple drug laws I call em' (?)
Cause you got a gun bitch you still scary
Ain't win yet, don't put me in that jam nigga
Ain't said shit, my young niggas gon' blam nigga
Them K round sticks
And we on whoever, wherever anybody can get it
I'm wit' it yeah

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