Backwords Joyner Lucas

Letra de Backwords

I been snatchin' purses while I'm rapping in the back of churches
I'm a backwards person, I ain't laughin' don't you act absurd
And I've been havin' urges, ain't no passion
Don't you bastards think you bad at cursin'
I've been bad since birth, been slapping nurses asses
Takin' percs and I've been urgin' to get served in action
Got a nervous itchin' in a serpents kitchen drinking Captain's
While I'm servin' children, different words that's spillin' out the cabinets
In a hurt position this absurd addiction got me laughin'
Spit faster, runnin' with impact 'til your wrists cramp
And break your kit-kat while you play with your kids back
I'm Chris Hansen

Laughin' at addiction,, absurd, in this position
Hurt inside a cabinet, spillin' out words that's fairly different
Servin' children while the captain's drinking in a serpent's kitchen Itchin' from a nerve in action, got served while takin' percs
Ass nurses slappin' since birth, and I've been cursin' bad you
Think you bastards think you got passion, but ain't no urge you havin'
Been absurd action, don't be laughin', ain't no person backwards
I'm at churches in the back rappin' while I'm purses snatchin, ni***

I been chasin' rappers down with pencils, paper books, and stencils
Writin' verses while I pack the pistols in the back of rentals
I wrote my dad's initials, then laughed and then passed it in to, I been half demented breaking shit down to half a sentence
I been half demented, breaking shit down to half a sentence
Fuck the rap Olympics, I murdered the past contenders
I cooked their ass and grill 'em, now you can eat that for dinner
And I used to laugh at niggas for actin' like fags with feelings
Till' I packed a gentlemen's packages filled with acid venom
I bought a toy gun with some bullets wit' plastic in them
Explosives with matches lit em' and left a few fragments in them
I never packed a mac in the back of a Ac(ura) or Sentra or
Lexus with gas unless it's a Benz with a stack of Benjamins

Benjamins and stacks of Benz's and gas for the Lexus or the Sentra, act in the back of the mac when I packed it in it
The fragments lit matches explosives and plastic bullets from a gun toy I just bought for you niggas as y'all been reckless
Venom acid filled with them packages and I'm packagin' them
Faggots in they feelings just actin while niggas laughin'
Eatin dinner seized in the grill and cooked they asses, while contenders pass ‘em, murder Olympics, and rap past them
Sentence down, breaking dimensions in half essentials
I passed and laughed with the pencils I wrote in Dads initials
In the back of rentals I'm pistol packing a stack of stencils in the book, papers and pencils I'm rapper chasin' and-
- hold up

I'm the same ni*** that fizzled pop and got ratchet on them
Yeah that same ni*** that took a piss in your Arizona
And that same ni*** that put acetone in a bag a soap
And then sold it for $40 some pu*** and half a soda
And I never paid attention to rappers who actin' bogus
Who lie and say they rich in their songs when their ass is homeless
Then tryna throw dirt on my name just to pass the quota
Till I grab it throw em', bash 'em and laugh when they ass is over
Fuck 'em hard go hustle hard with the hustlers
Cut they jugular so you choke on your tongue and jaw
And I never been a gangster or wanted no trouble, nah
But I'm good with my knuckles punch through a brick and leave dust and all

All and dust, leave a brick punched with my knuckles, nah
But i'm nah, no trouble wanted, a gangster I never could
Your jaw and tongue choke on your jugular
Cuttin' hustlers with the hustler hustle hard
Fuck 'em hard over ass laughin', I'm bashin' my back, fold 'em
Crack 'em till the quota, pass 'em and trash 'em, and laugh over 'em
Homeless ass when they songs trash, and crack closer
Bogus actors who rappin' over the track, hold 'em
Sold a half a pu***, a dollar forty, I sold it for some soap and acetone, and a bath and then blast Both 'em
Arizona piss that I took in a glass of cola
And got ratchet on em, popped em and fizzled, I'm back to soda

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