Samantha Marq

Samantha Marq

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Datos de Samantha Marq

  • Nombre Artístico: Samantha Marq
  • Donde Nació: Virginia, Estados Unidos
  • Nacionalidad: Estadounidense
  • Género(s): Pop
  • Instrumentos: Voz
  • Ocupación: Cantante, compositora
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Biografía de Samantha Marq

Samantha Marq grew up in Virginia Beach surrounded by the music industry's top talent. Her father Michael Marquart- a musician in his own right as part of the '80s supergroup A Flock of Seagulls- owned the prestigious recording studio Windmark Recording, where Marq watched as Justin Timberlake recorded Justified and where the famed production duo The Neptunes recorded a majorit ...

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