Young Thug

Letra de Let's Go Play

de Young Thug

Let's go play, we can go anywhere
Let's go play, let's just anywhere
Let's go play, I swear this paper ain't got no limit
Let's go play, I can prove it, let's go, let's play
Let's go play, let's go play
Let's go play, let's go play
Let's go play, let's go play
Let's go play, let's go play

Baby let's go play, I love MIA yo
Rest up Longway, no Tony but I got yayo
They shoot when I say, spray shit by pesos
On the way to DOA, ones by the caseload
500 for my t-shirt game, these clean
These niggas ain't got a stain nowhere
We ain't heard of them, we'll murder them

Let's play bay, your [?] and them
Let's do it like Michael Montana
One five of the son I got stamina
I'm geekin that Hannah Montana
I bury these hoes like sandals them
I kill every one of my features
I spend all of my money on divas
My pockets on yellow pages, just like beepers

I swear that paper work it got no limit
Sounding like I signed to No Limit, Master P
Come to my house it's a masterpiece
Hit the molly say uhh, like Master P
Got your ho over here sucking D
And to you she just suck her teeth
My brother go for malice murder, no Pusha T

We in this bitch, my whole fam with me
Roll up flip but I'm sucker free
No MTV, but I'm camera ready
Where MTV? This shit jamming
Jam of the week
Smoking back to back, yeah I'm geeked
Gas strong, yeah it reek

All these crosses, you would think I preach
Eyes on me, Illuminati
Thug Life, Killuminati
Duck tape and forth, nigga [?]
Big head hunters, Yo Gotti
And we gon play, cause I got a check
Sex, money, murder, We the money set
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