Trey Songz

LETRAEat It UpTrey Songz

I eat the pussy up
Show a real nigga how it taste
Beat the pussy with a rough face
Time doin’ tricks on her
Way before I put the dick on her
Give it face on the jetway
Now a nigga need a neck break
Say she got with other nigga, get your balls licked
Fuck her face harder cuz she gauges
Make her ass clap so a nigga can applaud it
Bring that ass back, that trigga gonna want it
Pussy eater on the scene
Only if the pussy clean
I beat the pussy up, I lick the pussy lean
I get ‘er addicted only if the pussy feen
Baby I’m a sex king
Think about it when you sleep, eat the pussy in your dreams
Show me ‘bout your mouth
Say she from New Orleans, baby show me ‘bout the south
I kiss it in the kitchen, lick it on the couch
Hit it in the bathroom, baby show you ‘bout the house
Pussy nigga missin’, give a fuck about your spouse
All these pussy niggas only wanna show you ‘bout a drought
It ain’t e’en ‘bout that
Blow that pussy down like a loud pack
Suck the spot so hard, once I found that
Put it here, right here, where my mouth at

I eat the pussy up up up up up up up
I eat the pussy up up up up up up up
Tell me how the swedish fuck
So I can eat the pussy up up up up up up up
I eat the pussy (what?)
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