Trey Songz

LETRAA MilliTrey Songz

I know a lot of n*ggas did this shit already but check it
A million peers a million queer
I'm feeling like Wayne killed this best shit of the year
He willing to share so a million n*ggas touched this beat
But ain't no n*gga that can f*ck with me
My party is democrat but I'm rockin republic
I be rockin' like Lenny Kravitz, n*ggas can't tell me nothing
A milli I feel it I want it I get it
You silly fo' really got plenty in any m'f*ckin city
You fakin concealin' you hatin' reveal it I'm making a milli
You facing the trillest how you wanna look at it
I'm going fast ain't tryin' to look back the shit
I shoot a lot when I'm in the zone so accurate give me the rock
Courtesy of
The clock ticking I got the shit haters looking like shawty
He got to miss nah uh cause I'm so hot with this
You gon' ride the bench
I'm gon' ride with tints sitting pretty
Like some pretty new actress tits
Yellin' out like how you feel about this
Ya'll pissed I'm the shit like a pamper be
They call me huggie way pretty women pamper me
Straight to the voice mail you be yellin' answer me
I get her moist while whispering fast for me
Can't I be livin' like a f*ckin' man I be
Life is such a fantasy bad b*tch me Nick Cannon be
Smoking a marijuana leaves my wrist wet like her panties be
Wen she be pretending that her man was me a
And it be a milli a milli a milli up in the bank b*tch
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