Sean Kingston
Yah man Naww

Remember those days when we use to be close

Life aint the same how we use to be known

Out the window you letting everything go

I say my whole world use to be about you

Now it's kinda strange living life without you

I can't even think now we aint anything now

Yeah remember them days I was waiting in the rain

Accepted all my fairs and accepted all my pain

We were so close don't let it go nooo


Don't let me go ( x6)

I keep reminiscing how you use to be mine

No other women it was you on my mind

Can't replace it, all I can do is face it

See why would u leave me, you left me to be free

I need you but we don't speak and I hardly see you

We should work it out why you playing these games

You loved me back then but now everything changed

We were so close don't let it go no
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