Musiq Soulchild

Letra de Bestfriend

de Musiq Soulchild

Nowadays I don't understand why
My love doesn't love me like she used to before
Now lately the sun just doesn't shine
And my paradise is gone

Cause most of the time (most of the time)
We argue and fight (over things that doesn't really matter)
Lord knows that I tried (lord knows that I tried)
To give all my love (to her)
So what should I do?

You've got to understand it's all about give and take
You can't be so demanding
Things won't always go your way
If you just give it time
And think about her feelings
Then things will work out fine
Learn to make her your best friend

I hear what you saying, but my girl she's always complaining
And blaming me for things I'll never do (uh)
And I don't know what, what it is that I did that was so wrong
To make her feel I'll ever be untrue to her

See what you need to do is stop catching attitudes
And just try to take the time to hear her out
Stop being so defensive and try to be more attentive to
Show here you respect what she's talkin 'bout
Cause you know how us women can be (yes)
And when we feel threatened we react instinctively (yeah)
When our emotions have grown to its high
We can tend to just let it control our lives

Well all right I'll try, next time, I'll try a little tenderness
Even make sure that I give her more complements
Maybe I could practice on being more patient
And compromise for my baby (yeah yeah)

[Outro] x2
If you want her in your life
Then you got to be willing to try
See it's worth the struggle
Cause in the end she will always
Be your best friend yeah
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