Musiq Soulchild

Letra de Addicted

de Musiq Soulchild

Yeah... G-G-G-G-G-G-Unit!
Uh, Yeah, 'Ey, 'Ey...

I think I gotta have it
And it keeps pullin' me in like a magnet
Goin' with this kinda music puts me right back on the block
It's like crack to an addict
It ain't too hard for me to grab it
Goin' with this kinda music puts me right back on the block

Man, I think I'm addicted
To the life that I had, so I risk it
Runnin' the street with the heat more
Three deep in the SUV
The bigger you blow, the less you see
The more you hear
A real ni*** lost his life right there
It's hard to believe a flip is the reason he's not here
Damn, and still get killed over somethin' that ain't his
And jeopardize the well being of him and his kids
That's how it is, Cig's in the whole crib
Dope that told pigs, live with broke ribs
Or went and got a dirt with the worms
With the result of the codes, packed funeral homes
You know the names, cause we tattoo in the morn'
I'm gone, just cruisin' back 2 in the morn
So front rap, we comin' at to you with a song
When you hear that, {*Reload*} pointed at you and you're gone

I got my pocket's right; my rocks are bright
The drop is blue, and the watch is white, right
That's why they watchin' me
As far as I can see, it's all mockery
And I'm tryna' be all I can be
Now that my foot's in the door, there's no stoppin' me
It's pure poetry, I got a lil' 'Pac in me
Now internationally, they jockin' me
Cause my money green and blue like Monopoly
They all left a name all around the globe
Get still Southside, I was bought up by the curb
(Southside) And I was told, everything ain't gold
It's to the glitter, they had to drain the pain with the liquor
The world don't turn, unless the money move
The early bird get the worm, and the dummies lose (True)
You hear the struggle in the grind when I talk
I breathe and I bleed New York, 'ey!

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