Mila J

Letra de I'm Me

de Mila J

I come from the land down unda
Blaze up its Mila the girl wonda
Rap etiquette crack just like thunda
Cause the flow will vibrate the tundra
And my glow will radiate the summa
Bang, this in your coupes, lacs, and hummas
Move to the rhythm like I'm my own drumma
Niggas swarm the dance floor like pirannahs
Cause I'm keeping it hot like Tijuana
But I'm hood as Shaniqua and Kiana
Sexy as Aaliyah or Madonna
Donna Karen,
Bitches starrin' but I ain't Carin'[Karen]
They know she will kill a song
Ever seen a girl in a chinchilla thong
Have your eyes deep fried like won-tons
You can hate if you wanna,
Just don't rub me wrong, Oh

Back in the club once again it's me
This ain't your average chick it's me
Go ahead move your body
And let me show you how to party
Back in the house once again it's me
Smirnoff, or a Long Island Iced Tea
Go ahead move your body
and let me show you how to party

Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go,
let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go

Bad lil' mama
slick with the gramma
Bionic like da na na na na na na na
Dookie rope chain in a pink leather bomba
Niggas can't see me
Haters try to find me like Osama
Rock like Nirvana
Mila, Mila
Chicks love throwing their hips to my heater
Anywhere I sit I'm gone kick my feet up
Re-up, flow gets slow watch me speed up
You know I can make 'em jump,
to every single synonym,
Sweet as cinnamon, got him
Soon as I put my venom in,
Got his toes curling and ripping
out of his Timberlands
I ain't even give him no booty
look what I did to him
No he's trippin' give him some Ritalin
Mila J, Black, Asian and Indian
That's why the flow mix up so smoothly
Ask Jamba Juice who really invented smoothies

So gutta, but butta like Parkay
MJ gets Biz like Marke'
Zooma - zoom - zooma - zooma - ze
I know you love the swagger
when I'm doin' my thang
I know you love the way
I pull up in the Range
With the audacity to rock like two chains
Rings on all five fings
A Salt with a deadly Peppa
Like I'm a legend from Queens
Nah mean?
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