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Letra de You Could By Mine

de Guns N Roses

You could be mineguns n' roses
i'm a cold heartbreakerfit ta burnand
i'll rip your heart in twoand
i'll leave you lyin on the bedi'll be out the door
before you wakenothin new ta you
cause i think we've seen that movie too.

(chorus)cause you could be mine
but youre way out of line
with your bitch slap rappin and your cocaine tongue
you get nothin donei said you could be mine.

now holidays come and then they gonothin
new to gaincollect another memory.
when i come homelate at nightdon't
ask me where i've beenjust count your stars i'm home again..
(chorus)you could be mine(you could be mine
(you could be mine
(you could be mine)(you could be mine)(mine
you've gone sketchin' too many times...ooooo..
why don't ya give it a restwhyyyy..
must you findanother reason to cry..
while youre breakin down my backand ive been wrackin
out my brainsit don't matter how we make itcause
it always ends the sameyou can push it for more mileagebut
your flaps are wearing thingand i could sleep on it til
morninbut this nightmare never endsdont forget to call
my lawyer with ridiculous demandsand you can take the
pity so farbut its more than i can standcause this couch
trip's gettin older tell me how long has it beencause 5 years
is forever and you havent grown up yet..
you could beyou should beyou could be min
(you could be mine
(repeat / rotating with backup vocals)you could be mine
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