Daddy Yankee

Letra de Miss Independiente En Inglés

de Daddy Yankee


(Don Omar)
Independent, came out to dance (ladies)
Boyfriend does not want no flowers, just want to hesitate (DY, DO)
use hot caps, feels that going to explode (come on)
Since everything comes bob (DY, DO)
and no play makes

(Daddy Yankee)
Just live by doing their own law cayei
owner has no way, hey hey hey goes live
She paid with her money whatever
as he walks from his ship,
Tell me who do not want it oh oh yeah yeah yeah
going home with a mission, but she knows eh
can give you a night of passion but finds no see eh
Da single life is oh,
Nobody has to give permission and
loose going down the avenue Oh
no interest in and commitment

(Don Omar)
Independiente (miss independet), went out dancing
Do not want boyfriend or flowers
(Boyfriend Does Not want flowers or)
just want to hesitate
plugs used hot
feels he is going to explode (going to explode)
Since everything comes bob (DO)
and no play makes

(Daddy Yankee)
Women where they are, they dress to kill
which buy their things and dance till dawn
vamo vamo hard to give to give,
vamo vamo hard to give to give
vamo vamo hard to give to give, no no
who will stop porquee
With guille not like the bottle and Champaign
rushing to my mind and uncovered the plan
Now the baby is looking for pam pam
and wants to Pope ahaa
When not out of the ground lost
I do not want rehab
my world is fictional love pa
we are friends with benefits it is

(Don Omar)
Independent (Miss Independent)
He went to dance (Ladies)
Boyfriend does not want flowers or
(Does Not Want Boyfriend or flowers)
just want to hesitate (DY, DO, come on)
plugs used hot
feels he is going to explode (going to explode)
It shakes everything eaa, and not left to play

this is more of unsurpassed
Meet The Orphan
those of the pot
commanding at the break
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