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She knows what i want
she knows what i like
she knows when i'm wrong
she knows when i'm right
she know what it take to get next to me
she know what it take to get next to me
i know what ya want
i know what ya like
i know when ya wrong
i know when ya right
she know what it take to get next to me
she know what it take to get next to me

[verse 1]
ay well apparently, you da only girl that can handle me, take care of me, for that reason shit i see that you cherish me
you savagely get mad when them other bitches stare at me, i'm glad to see that you can hold me down like gravity
i have to be stupid just to ever ever cheat on you, i lean on you, and in the bed da only time i beat on you
what we go thru is different, we fight and then get intimate this shit here is gettin serious, and marriage now i'm sensin it
but i need some time, just to get my thoughts and get a peace of mind, i know that i broke ya heart so you can get a piece of mine,
weep and wine, cuz we done made it thru da decent times, they wanna know why i wanna make you my wife


[verse 2]
you were down for me girl, when no one was, when i was down and i was out you gave me kisses and hugs
i payed you little attention, always showin me love, not knowin you were an angel from the heavens above
and when i'm down to my last you say 'i got what you need', and when you try da offer somethin it's hard for me to recieve
always said when i'm in need you'll be down for me, spend a life time when you love and care for me
and when we out and about you show me love and affection, and when i needin some advice you answer all of my questions
i'm kinda confused right now and my mind got me guessin, i see you know what i want and to my heart you a blessin


[verse 3]
I got a few friends, but one know how to get next to me, the same one who stressin me, the one who got the best of me

i know i shouldnt mess her wit her, cuz now she always mess wit me, why she always buck on me and tyrna see whats up wit me

and now she gettin worse ever since i start rappin, why j can't be like me n and she live happy
got me goin off snappin, baby we ain't got no ties, got da nerve to say what happened to us, i guess it died
and i dont need yo drama, don't call my momma, got more money comin in, and you tryna get you some
had a nigga dat was good, but you da one who chose to doubt it, and she know me like a book, but that sad thing about it is..
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