Da Shop Boyz

Letra de Baby Girl

de Da Shop Boyz

Aye Come here girl
Aye you can be my BABY GIRL
Aye come here girl
Aye you can be my BABY GIRL


Aye do you wanna be my
Aye lemme take u round the
And we can pick a pretty city
Down in Flordia
Holdin hands in the sand
Or take a flight across the water
Hugged up til we land
Rice n Steak up in China
Or we can kick it in Japan
Or we can just stay home
And shop til you drop
Im just sayin
Put some ice on ya ear
Neck, wrist, and ya hand
You'll prolly tell me
You don't want it
But I know that you just playin



What's up?
Come here uh
What ya name?
Don't miss ya blessin girl
Cause ya life I can change
Aint wit no bullshit
Aint tryna play no games
Just loosin up a little
You aint gotta be a shame
Come on
So listin Baby Girl
You need to be my Baby Girl
Let's get to know each other
I think you should be in my world
It's whateva cause I really wanna kick it with ya
Aye where's the frame
Cause I think we make a pretty picture



What will it take huh?
To make you be my baby
Shopping sprees out at Lennox
Got the keys to the Mercedes
Stop actin crazy
Man you trippin
Can't you see Im on a mission?
Let's come together
Like some stiches
Instead of keepin yo lil distance
These yo feelins that you playin wit
Forget the one you stayin wit
Cause I aint the one to be playin wit
When Im the one you layin wit
I know Im bein manish
But please understand it
You gotta be my girl
I demand it
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