Letra de Angelina

de Carnage

My bitch name kel bundy
N Yea momma got money
Suburb straight livin
She always stay with money
White hoes white hoes
White hoes yea nigga
Vegas shit, wolf pack
Cocaine white liquor
Pipe Killa fat nigga
Wing stop eat ya wife nigga

Long dick in her mind nigga
Thirty rounds in my 9 nigga
N yea that's for sho doe
Rugby is the polo
You rocking Manolo
Faggot nigga, Coco

I get mad when I smell like gun powder
Damn these Lil dummy's

Got 4 hoes n u can't take them from me
N that's at each hour
N they smoke dat purple flower n they got dat Harlem
Real life Matt Lauer
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