Blonde Redhead

Letra de Water

de Blonde Redhead

This crime - for him
desire - noone
sees it - nothing
cleans it - human
find a - week
religion - soon to
see you - call you
kill you - how can i contribute
tell me, make me
i don't want to, won't to
lose my mind - and strike - another degradation
tell me
why then - why then
Why do you listen
imagine all the wall return
This time - my face
my sky - prophet's
features - childish
creatures - walk around you
not you - in you
still without you
the sound - i make
i still want to know
a time - moment
and i'll be there to sail on
rapid waters
but now - that i
see you - in a
field of grass - i ask you
why then - why then
Wasted wounded silent love
imagine all the love return
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