Avril Lavigne

Letra de Hello Kitty

de Avril Lavigne

Mina saiko, arigato, kawaii

Mom’s not home tonight

So we can roll around have a pillow fight Like a major rager omfg

Let’s all slumber party, Like a fat kid on a pack of smarties

Someone chuck a cupcake at me

It’s time for spin the bottle, Not gonna talk about it tomorrow

Keep it just between you and me

Let’s play truth or dare now, We can roll around in our underwear how

Every silly kitty should be

Come come Kitty kitty, You’re so pretty pretty

Don’t go kitty kitty Stay with me

Come come Kitty kitty, You’re so silly silly

Don’t go kitty kitty Play with me!


Hello kitty Hello kitty Hello kitty you’re so pretty!

Hello kitty hello kitty Hello kitty you’re so silly

Wake up got a secret

Pinky swear that you’re gonna keep it

I’ve got something you need to see

Let’s be friends forever, I wanna do everything with you together

Come and play with kitty and me
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