Letra de 6:00pm

de Alemán

Shouldn't you be sleep nigga?
Nigga shouldn't i be dead?
Look at the shit I been through
A struggling artists making tips off the tip of my pencil
So you could say I led you on
Follow the footsteps of this young vagabond
Me and your bitch was smoking Girl Scout Cookies and I'm down for the cause so I let a friend Tag-a-Long
Ale the man motherfuc***
Late night delusions got me tripping
The sun coming up, but I ain't done enough
And I ain't fuc*** sleeping till I'm finished
Momma said i need a new location, I'll be damned if I don't agree
Cause growing up is just making me heartless
They don't show no love in the '203'
Wet a nigga up he can't fly like that
You been sleeping on me you can't lie like that
Ship them birds out watch the money fly right back
Three words for niggas that talk behind my back
Suck my dick
On some disrespectful shit
I wish a nigga would say some shit to my face
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