ÁLBUMLennonlegend : In His Own WordsJohn Lennon2003

Álbum Lennonlegend : In His Own Words de John Lennon
Información del Disco
Álbum: Lennonlegend : In His Own Words
Artista: John Lennon
Año: 2003
Tipo: Vídeo disco
Lanzamiento: 20 de Abril de 2003
Disquera: Emi

Canciones (Tracklist)
01. On His Father, Mother And Aunt
02. On Marriage, Meeting Yoko And Fame
03. On The Beatles, Rock And Roll, And Politics
04. On Musical Influences And Making It Big
05. On Walls And Bridges And Childhood Art
06. On Controversy And The Record Business
07. On The Beatles
08. Messing Around
09. On New York And Immigration
10. On Fame And The Radio
11. On Double Fantasy
12. On Sean
13. On "Starting Over"
14. On His Age, Art And Politics, And Women
15. On Positive Thinking And The Eighties
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