Gone Ebony Day

Letra de Gone

Walks through the door rain is pouring, he's far from okay.
She runs in crying, screaming, wishing that the pain would go away.
Yesterday a baby was born, today that baby is gone
They said hi, goodbye, to the life that they once made
When they where high off love and cheap champagne

He says were not meant to be, were not written in the stars
If we were we'd have a baby in this home to call ours
But please don't run away from something that i didn't do
Cos we just said goodbye to someone that we never knew
And i can't take the thought of loosing you too
So please just take my hand and i swear we'll make it through.
And you can call me crazy, maybe its for the best
God took our kid today and maybe this is just a test.

And they love you, and they miss you
But you'll always be theirs
Whether your far or your near, they care.

Wakes up at midnight snow is falling but he's sat in the street.
She says baby come inside, you can hold me
You know you know, i can feel his warmth
She says no babe, no babe. He's gone.

And they held you for the first time and the last
When they waited for the 9 months that had passed
To say hi, goodbye to the life that they once made.
When they were high, off love and cheap champagne.

And they love you
And they miss you
But you'll always be theirs
Whether your far or your near. They care
Whether your far, your near. They care.
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