Circles Crime Mob 

Letra de Circles

I'm an ever spinning top
Whirling around 'till I drop
Oh, but what am I to do
My mind is in a whirlpool
Give me a little hope
One small thing to cling to...

You got me going in circles
Oh, around and around I go
You got me going in circles
Oh, around and around I go

First you go and tell me this
then you go and doin that
its mixed signals in my head
you neva give me straight facts
comin at me with these stories
taken up a playa time
you seemed confused up in yo head
and you can not make up your mind
I'd be the first one to listnin
but i think its disrespect
lyin thru yo teeth talkin out the side of yo neck
got me goin round and round
make a playa wanna hurt ya
thinkin that you was straight up
got me goin in a circle

Ay, my head is constantly spinnin twistin
cuz Nadas was trippin on me
first time for ya lovy dubbi
and now he call me his homie
wishy washy kinda feelin
tryna play wit my emotions
and mumbled the words I LOVE U
went then said that he was jokin
stuffed up in the mind
tough love is what he calls it
I don't read between the lines
now u need to get the talkin
spell it out and make it clear
dont tell me what i wanna hear
yes or no jus gon and say it
cuz inside I'm goin crazy...

I'm strung out over you (you, ova you...)

Yes it relaxes me, satisfactory,
treat me like a queen
it was love at first sight on that night
once i stepped on the scene
now my body once i got it
fulfillin all my needs
he had my feenin, obscenein not meanin
jus smellin his grease
i reely want him, yes i want him
but the law disagrees
our loves illegal certain people
man I wish they could see me
he got me goin in circles
as dizzy as i wanna be
down thru my toes
he feel my soul
man i want him badly

Ay, shawty got me spinnin
like i drunk tha whole fifth
Waitin on my babygurl call her I need a lift
Baby saved out the rip
but cant save my ship
love the way the jam wobble
in the thong that she get
prey to blissin ova here
let me push yo button
I'ma real gangsta shawty, don't worry bout nothin
5 hours lata, bussin unconditional lovin
and can tell the whole click
this one here, I'm cuffin...

I'm strung out over you (I need you, ova you...)
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