ÁLBUMAll The Little Lights (Limited Edition)Passenger2012

Álbum All The Little Lights (Limited Edition) de Passenger
Información del Disco
Álbum: All The Little Lights (Limited Edition)
Artista: Passenger
Año: 2012
Tipo: Edición especial
Lanzamiento: 19 de Octubre de 2012
Disquera: Sony Music

Canciones (Tracklist)
Disco 1

01. Things That Stop You Dreaming
02. Let Her Go
03. Staring At The Stars
04. All The Little Lights
05. The Wrong Direction
06. Circles
07. Keep On Walking
08. Patient Love
09. Life's For The Living
10. Holes
11. Feather On The Clyde
12. I Hate (Live From The Borderline, London)

Disco 2

01. Let Her Go (Acoustic)
02. Staring At The Stars (Acoustic)
03. All The Little Lights (Acoustic)
04. Circles (Acoustic)
05. Keep On Walking (Acoustic)
06. Patient Love (Acoustic)
07. Life's For The Living (Acoustic)
08. Feather On The Clyde (Acoustic)
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