ÁLBUMThe Trouble With Being MyselfMacy Gray2003

Álbum The Trouble With Being Myself de Macy Gray
Información del Disco
Álbum: The Trouble With Being Myself
Artista: Macy Gray
Año: 2003
Tipo: Disco de estudio
Lanzamiento: 02 de Septiembre de 2003
Disquera: Epic

Canciones (Tracklist)

01. When I See You
02. It Ain't The Money
03. She Ain't Right For You
04. Things That Made Me Change
05. Come Together
06 She Don't Write Songs About You
07. Jesus For A Day
08. My Fondest Childhood Memories
09. Happiness
10. Speechless
11. Screamin'
12. Every Now And Then
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