Twenty One Pilots

LETRABackslideTwenty One Pilots

I don’t wanna…

Rat race, place to place, adding weight,
Tendencies on repeat, innit,
Benefit from a shoe with no lace,
Take the seat with the crease in it,

I don’t mind if it’s lonely, I don’t mind if it’s fair,
I don’t care, you control me,
Leading me anywhere.

I don’t wanna backslide to where I started from,
There’s no chance I will shake this again,

’Cause I feel the pull, water’s over my head,
Strength enough for one more time,
Reach my hand above the tide,
I’ll take anything you have,
If you could throw me a line,
I should’ve loved you better,
Do you think that now’s the time
You should let go?

It's over my head.

Bad place on a hundred dollar bass,
Kind of wishing that I never did Saturday,
Is that a stain? You should change.
Are you doing good? Did you solve all of your problems?
Thanks for asking, in a way but,
Accidentally uncovered a new one yesterday,
What happened to what I brushed under the rug,
I used to be the champion of a world you can’t see,

Now I’m drowning in logistics.
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