Letra de Rise

de The-Dream

Yeah, uh
Yeah, uh
Yeah, uh

Summer with you's like the sweetest grapevine
When you cross my mind, time after time
Fall with you, is simply, is just falling
Head over heels, they say, so divine
Loving you is so incredible
I can't leave you alone
Not a day goes by, goes by, goes by that I don't want you
And I need you, divine

We'll rise together, forever
Every morning, every morning
I hope we rise, together, forever
Every morning

Winter with you, we become closer and closer
Every melody I sing is just a gift for you
Spring with you, everything's new again
So much love already, I wonder where the first half of the year went

Can't wait to rise together, forever
Amen, oh, my lady
Every morning when I wake
Get ready to rise together, forever
With you, with you
With you, with you

You make me whole, true human being
You've took me out the cold, and the birds start singing
And it's beautiful to know that people are happy for us
Happy for this kind of love

Every morning I hope that we rise together, forever
Amen, my lady
Not too early, not too late
On time, we rise together, forever
Amen, ooh, oh, yeah, oh-oh
Oh-oh, oh-oh
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