Letra de Winning

de Santana

One day i was on the ground
when i needed a hand
then it couldn't be found
i was so far down that i couldn't get up
you know and one day i was one of life's losers
even my friends were my accusers
in my head i lost before i begun
I had a dream but it turned to dust
and what i thought was love
that must have been lust
i was living in style
when the walls fell in
and when i played my hand
i looked like a joker
turn around fate must have woke her
cause lady luck she was waiting outside the door
I'm winning
i'm winning
i'm winning
i'm winning and i don't intend losing again

Too bad it belonged to me
it was the wrong time and not meant to be
it took a long time and i'm new born now
i can see the day that i bleed for
if it's agreed that there's a need
to play the game and to win again
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