Letra de My Son

de Niko

Drifting up and down, you feel lost and nowhere to be found. Floating further out, sinking in a world spinning round and round and round. So you turned on the tv set but you couldn't find yourself, then you turned up the radio, noise told you nowhere to go. Then you dialed on the telephone but it rang because they weren't home.

Where are you? Who are you? How are you? My son! I never felt loved, I was never the one! Did I fall from the heavens, your bastard son?! Now you're in darkness, and we've got a gun! Agility of a child, when didst thou flee?

Hold me fold me unfold me, jump in my soul and out of my bones! Innocence lost, at such a foolish cost, may I once again feel you in my heart! Freedom feet, tattered and beat, I long to dance upon the green sky and dash through blue grass fields... shoeless motion, skip and run, eyes uncovered lit by the sun. Dreams, why didst thou drink the poisonous potion of men?!? How did I drift into a solemn slumber of death! So I turned on the tv set, but I couldn't find myself, then I turned up the radio, damn noise told me nowhere to go! So I dialed on the telephone but it rang because they weren't home! Where are you mama? Where are you mama?! Don't let me spill my blood tonight. Awaken o man! Look to the endless and behold a hope a song a journey! Endeavor forever the golden streets set before thee, obliterate obligations unnecessary. Defy the defiant! Plunge the deep to soar upward in substance untold! Redeem the time mankind, unlock your jaws and speak forth rhymes of childLikE nature. Why shall you fear to step out on nothing? This is life and there is nothing greater than the day which you are holding in your helpless hands. OPEN YOUR EYES!!!

Turn now from that which seems right, shut the mouths of greedy gainsayers, silence the selfish soothsayers! Grasp what is truth with all of your might, become you again! My son!
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