Mike Jones

LETRAWhat We Do Is WrongMike Jones

Mike Jones, who
(even though what we do is wrong)

[Mike Jones]
I know, what I be doing is wrong
But I'm a hustler fo' life, f*** with two strikes
Give me that butter or all white, and I'm alright
Can't live minimum wage, cause that's just not my life
I roll up and down the block, on cutters
Hit the block move butter, cause I'm straight from the gutter
You leave her home alone, and I will f*** her
And when my money low, I abduct her
Hustler is what I am, kilos by grams
This a stick up man, get out your car man
Only way is to survive, if my AK jam
Like Jigga, I'm standing in my B-Boy stance
I make hoes kick in, like kicking a kick stand
I'm a man, and my two feet I use to stand
Cause I'm a man, who

Mike Jones Jones, coming soon
(even though what we do is wrong)

So don't, even play yourself
Who is Mike Jones, coming real soon to your shelf
And it's gon move off the shelf, guaranteed with no help
I feel like, I'm the only one left in the game
I rep North mayn, hoes yep give me brain
Swisha House what I claim, who Mike Jones mayn
Much love to the fans, that be screaming out my name

Uh, fa sho (even though what we do is wrong)

Until I die, I'ma forever bring pain
I'm getting better for the cheddar, still the Wood North mayn
Fa sho, Mike Jones gon forever get his change
Shouts out to Boss Hogg, and the Color Change gang
Go get my album, when it hit the stores mayn
Who is Mike Jones, that's the album name mayn

And to you haters, uh
(even though what we do is wrong)

How you gon say, that you better than me
You ain't even in the game, how you better than me
You talking down, talking bout you can do what I do
I paid dues, you will never ever fill up my shoes
H1 or H2, I swear I'ma get it
And when I get it I swear, you gon be looking shitty mayn
Mike Jones be gripping grain, uh

(even though what we do is wrong)

Mike Jones (who), Mike Jones
(who) Mike Jones, (who) Mike Jones
(who) Mike Jones, Jones, Jones
Uh, sing along baby, Ballin Underground
Coming soon, Who is Mike Jones

(even though what we do is wrong)
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