Mike Jones

LETRAIn Da ClubMike Jones

When I fall up in the club, hoes show me love
I'm sipping purple drank, better known as that mud
I'm gone off that drank, so I guess I'm just leaning
X-O in our system, so you know that hoe fiending
I chill with Young Doodie, Magno and Sir Daily
Cause we be pimping these hoes, on a daily basis
I come through clean in a Lac green, with ten screens
And a fine dime, next to me
I keep this shit clever, cause I'm a playa ni***
I put a hoe last, cause I'm all about my figgas
I keep my money on my mind all the time, I don't rap for free I'm
On a mission, to stack up these dolla signs
I gotta go get it, I ain't bullshitting
Cause the minute that you slipping, you fall off and you ain't in it
So I gotta stay up in the game, and blow up like a flame
And use my fame in the game, to stack up some mo' change
I got these hoes screaming my name, while giving me brain
When I'm done fuc*** her brain, I'll give you back your name

[Hook x2]
Cause when I'm in the club, hoes show me love
I hit Watts and Slim Thug, when I need some mo' drugs
I got some hoes bopping, cause they see us on dubs
But they gotta suck and f***, if they hopping in the truck

And uh...

[Mike Jones]
My name, my set I claim
Is gon forever be the same, and I swear to God that it won't change
No mo' free shows, free flows
Cause if you want me to flow or do a show, you gotta come off do'

And I refuse to lose
I'm in demand now, cause I done paid my dues
Y'all niggaz are pissed off, cause my career about to lift off
And tell your chick my dick, she need to get off
Cause I'm Mike Jones (who) Mike Jones
(who) Mike Jones (who) Mike Jones

Ballin Underground baby
Be on the look out
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