Mike Jones

LETRAI'm A SoldierMike Jones

I'm a soldier
Born and raised Im gettin paid
On a gettin dough way
Im on a minimum wage
Im on the cock with my glock
and a hand full of cocks
They aint leavin from the block
Till I fully get cock
Hot, the love from around
Is mike jones moves around
But when the law leave the block
I got cum a´ll around
Back doing
One wont do it
2 choises
be scared or persue it
the game, is risky but it pays a lot of change x2
I give wood to my hoods
through the woods now Im paid
Im happy with the favours
more Happier with change
Be Gay
People wanna hang when they see your heavy thing
Greening when ´ou´ blow ´em
We go´n break em off for change
I was bored by myself
Gonna die by myself
You wanna have change
You better get em by yourself
As im on get a bit husla, soldier
thought I told ya
Aint afraid to move boulders
We freak around gangs´dont´t worth the doing
But right now mike wats is choppin an screwin it
hold up watts, the fun just begun
I told you i dont rap for fun, i rap for funds Use me, you touch
me minus your future
Cos my name will ryme like one loop´hole, they grin, it took me a
while to get a lot of these grins
now my ´ho´hole is right around my foreskin,
Thanks to my fans my name is an anthem, who mike jone x3
I bin dipping lots of years in the shit
Im michael watts the limping legend and I still want dick
Like mike jones say in this ryme you dont work you dont beat you
dont rhyme you dont shine
Im bin down but I couldnt stay down
I got tired of being poked so I switched the shit around
I cant stop wont stop wont quit
while crammed in the slammer ´bout to pump the bumper kid
I'm real but I changed my name, I slide paper chains with my hand
on the brain
Switch your house we first not last
evything I sit on got wood up in class
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