Mike Jones

LETRAI'm A PimpMike Jones

I'm a pimp, I walk with a limp
I step inside Papadeaux, eating on shrimp
I'm a baller, lane to lane crawler
Clarion faller, candy roll hogger
I'm a pimp, I walk with a limp
I step inside Papadeaux, eating on shrimp
I'm a grinder, that's why I'm a shiner
I left behind whiners, to be a big timer

[Lil Keke:]
Here comes the Houston hustler man, it's time to get your game on
Hit the block rolling hard, and get my swang on
Pop the trunk marvalade, I don't play
I ride 24's, later on that day
I'm at Maxi, vale'd parked on Saturday night
Sipping on muddy Sprite, looking for something tight
On chrome, blowing the smoke off in my dome
Banging and looking good, I'm jamming on Mike Jones
Floss mode, I'm leaning and feeling thoed
Choking and getting blowed, while I hold
Man it's fa sho come on, and we killing the scene
I'm a throwback gangsta, a underground king, yeah


[Mike Jones:]
I'm growing like Rogain, took over your hoe mayn
In seven months, Mike Jones took over the whole game
See while you niggaz at home trying to hate
Y'all need to step up to the plate
Cause I ain't about to feed y'all, I'm about lead y'all
I bleed the block and stack a knot, when laws get hot I shake the spot
I show the rocks and hoes bop, and they ain't even seen my drop yet
Princess cuts, channel sets and baguettes on wrist and neck
The mic I wreck, so now a lot of people show respect
All plexers, my Lexus is done
Keke, now the whole world wanna see me
You see I grind to stay paid, no time for minimum wage
A Escalade got it sprayed, cause we young made and paid
I lay on white butter, my ice'll make you stutter
I'm young local and gutter, but thoed as a motherfuc***
My album, Who Is Mike Jones, coming soon
My album, Who Is Mike Jones, coming soon


[Paul Wall:]
Look here, you can tell from the way that I dress
BVS cover my chest, nothing less than the best
Don't compare me to the rest, cause I'm one of a kind
You can tell that I'm a baller, by the way I shine
I got my mind on my money, my money on my mind
So I hustle and grind, 99 percent of the time
If you looking for a playa, I'm the best you'll find
My conversation and punch lines, are one of a kind
All drinks on me, when I'm at Cabo's
It's playas get chose, so I'm surrounded by hoes
When I'm in the parking lot, you know how that goes
I got my trunk is out, to them my speakers exposed
Lord knows that I'm a hustler, I was born to ball
It's Paul Wall big swangas, when you see me crawl
Nine inch frame, 24 inches tall
Nan one of my diamonds got no flaw, holla at me baby
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