Mike Jones

LETRADay to Day GrindinMike Jones

Day to day grindin', got a playa shinin'
5th wheel reclinin' on dem boys
See a playa hustlin', comin up from nothin'
Strugglin', tryna come up on dem boys

I got dem platinum shinin', all the time'n
Screens fallin', 5th wheel reclinin'
If you ain grindin', you ain shinin'
If you ain grindin', you ain shinin'
I'm Mike Jones(Mike Jones)
I stack change and grip grain
Switch lane-to-lane in the rover ranger
Until I die, I'ma hunt for change
I had to get up and off my ass
Depend on self to stack my cash
I'm first in the game, I'm never last
Until I pass, I'ma make the cash
Me, Chamille, and Magno
Grind hard everyday for the cash flow
I pull up in the jag slow
It's M.O.B. until I go
I hit the catch on princess cut
I leave sluts and make 'em fuckin suck
Cause Mike Jones don't give a fuck
Cause Mike Jones don't give a fuck
I grind for mine, that's why I shine
I hog the lights, cause I work for mine
I grill shine like pine on pine
I'm ballin' now, so wait in line

Day to day, grindin'
I knocked off'd 5 gators
All chrome, my money run long - like Clyde Davis
So you know how my wheels sit
Like my benz topless
So like the game of dominoes - I dropped the big 6
In a drop wit big chicks
The guts is plushed off
Makin' girls rush off
Cause we throwin buck soft
Now my green stackin'
You'll never say my team's second
If it's beef, we got lose cannons like Gene Hackman
He jus' fine, it's Magno, the streets is mine
I'm in that 740-i, backseats reclined
With the curtains in the back
Girls - twerkin' on the sack
Niggas fightin' for front seat
The 18s turn 'em and they back
The game need me like Glady's need the pimps
My wallet's like a python - it always keep a grip
Before, I ain' had a dime
All I had was time
But since I got grind, now I got shine
Steady grindin'!

Hey, has anybody else seen this cat?
Leanin' back in a greenish 'llac
With throwback and a phoenix cap
Rag top with the screens attached
It don't take a true genious act
Like you dont know that the king is back
It's Koopa, I pop my trunk
And flash lights while you lead it back
I used to wave at a broad
"Who he wavin' at? Ain't me?"
Now I wave my sleeve in the breeze
And mother nature gets brain freeze
Change the, t.v. and you see
The tool man on my channel
Help me figure how to dismantle
All this wood in my dope panel
Nano-nano we grindin', we outta this world
Say no, I'll put my foot up your anus
And kick you outta this world
No colleges girl, the lizard man got edu-ma-cation
And benjamin chasin' now they sick like no medicine's taken
You betta go ask G-Dash or Michael Watts
Who's stackin stocks or flashin rocks
Hardest thing got after 'Pac
I should try to be an astronaught
Girls wanna gimme ass and I got plenty of "not's"
>From mashin' the spots, mom and pops
The package in drops
I'm tellin ya pops, we grindin' like there ain' no tomorrow
If I go broke, this whole
"Hey Travis, can I borrow a dollar?"
A balla, a scholar who's switchin class on top of the rank
My name gon' go where Wells Fargo go on top of the bank
If niggas that shine was in joke, in this game they be callin' me
The Chamillion Era, mixed the king of comedy
You wouldn't believe me ballin' if you never did see it
Till me, Mike and Mag pull up
In a me no speak English
And that's a foreign baby!
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