Kenny Rogers

Letra de Love Or Something Like It

de Kenny Rogers

Show me a bar with a good looking women, then just get out of my way.
turn on the jukebox ill show you a song you should play.
sooners or later few shots of boubon ill think of something to say. oh i could take her or leave her but i'd like take her away.
liquor and music good combination if you got love on the brain. i never knew 2 women who acted the same, some wanna drink first some wanna just sit and talk. oh its 2 in the morning im running and she wants to walk
somethings gotta hold on me its cheap but it aint free. love or somethin like its gotta hold on me
Thats when i ask her my place or your place i hope im not outta line. i asked the wrong thing with jus the right women this time. she knew a hotel she even had her name weekly signed. oh the cheaper the grapes are the sweeter the taste of the wine.
Chorus to fade

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