Keith Urban

LETRAGot It BadKeith Urban

I hit the highway and i checked the time
i see the sunrise and it makes me wanna change my mind
oh i got it bad
i stopped for a coffee in a nowhere town
a pretty waitress says "hey what's the frown
boy you got it bad"
well so many times you told me before
if you don't like it, well there's the door
this time i've gone for good and i got it bad
i got it badder than a broken heart
badder then the devil's smile
and i can't face bein' apart
i guess i'll have to leave but meanwhile
oohh i got it bad
Moonlight on the water still looks the same
pretty girl beside me but i don't know her name
guess i got it bad
i'm too weak to say no, too lonely to care
i'll believe her if she says hey baby
i got to love to spare
well tomorrow i'll take it like a man
tonight i'm taking all i can
this time i went for good and i got it bad
Chorus x 3
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