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it seems like the world is testin me
will i conquer or will it get the best of me
half of the world sees success in me
the half other is second guessin me
but i kid you not dont mess with me
cause i think i got something possed in me
no matter what im gonna give whats left in
i didnt choose this life it was destiny
now im feelin like i might go psycho
stand back cause im feelin like i might blow
slim chance but im puttin up a fight though
they tell me this the wrong path but i know its right though
im Bout to pick up the world and shake it
throw it to the ground and laugh as i break it
let the whole world know that im gonna make it
and if you dont give it to me then im gonna take it
gunnin for the top cock back reload
im a new man with a new attitude
but dont get me wrong im still me though
im all in now, i aint bluffin
i risk everything regret nothin
my determinations disgustin
so everyday my ass im bustin
lemme take ya back, break it down
just a couple more months then college bound
got a scholarship, my bags were packed
then my world turned upside down
when i got that phone call so shockin
i thought my heart was stoppin
are you serious? this a one in life time opportunity knockin
but wait, what now? i thought i had my life figured out
everything i was once sure about was now skepticizim and doubt

Almost lose control lost sanity
meanwhile my friends abandoned me
i felt lost in the world for a little bit
i had nobody but my family
but i bounced back and got in the zone
last nights just me and the microphone
my friends were off at college while i was right here sittin here at home
they were partying i was cuttin tracks
they were goin out i was makin stacks
this the road i choose so you know im gonna walk it proudly and never look back
now fast forward a couple years
most of my fears have dissapreaed
after the blood the sweat the tears i dedicate this right here
to all my nonbelievers and haters
youll doing me nothin but favors
keep talkin, i cant hear you

Someone go get me a translator
it used to get to me, to the old me
think you can do it better? then show me
those who know me least have the most say
dont judge me if you dont know me
whether im a billioanire or flat broke
you think that matters? is that a joke
if you aint got talent, you really think the money will get you anywhere? nope
oh you wanna play music monopoly
ive mastered the game no toppin
takin over the world why the money adds up
im just passin go theres no stoppin me
i worked so hard, i earned it
its mine now and ill never return it
ima do it, ima do it so damn big
everyday my fans confirm it
so blast off im outta here
outta this world to the atmosphere
so long, im gone
beena hell of a ride what a year
this just the start the beginnin
the top of the very first innin
no need for a call to the bull pen bottom of the 9th and ill still be winnin
what i went through, it was worth it all
all the times being pinned up against the wall
tryin to please my family friends and fans
when its all said and done after all
i gotta do whats right for me
i gotta chase after this dream
im so proud of us how we far came
me and my whole damn team
yeah im just doin my best
for real i feel so blessed
i think somebodys watchin over me
tell me world did i pass your test
did i do this right? please tell me
I need you now, please help me
cause life dont come with no manual
i played the cards that you dealt me
my life is on the line, everytime i rhyme
always on my grind, 24/7
so much on my mind, someone please remind
me that ill be fine, where am i headin
to da fans, my life i owe you
so close to my heart i hold you
but to anyone who ever doubted me
im so proud to say that i told you
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