Ghostface Killah

LETRACall My NameGhostface Killah

I grace the block with my presence
All praises do. Now the neighborhood like "tony we love you"
It's all good and staying at my brother mick's house
Made his house my home. Enter the zone
Buried him in front law. Put up a tombstone
I seen bammy. That's my nickname for bamboo
She like "what up tone? How are you?

Can we speak? I got some explaining to do"
See your absence made me forget who you were
And I love you for you. I need a second chance, boo
I say it's all good. 36 seasons was long
You got weak but I'm here to help weather the storm
You gotta just think with me. Shit'll get stinky
I gotta clean the whole motherfucking city
The government's greedy flushing drugs down these streets
Thugs out here criminals dressed as police

Call my name when you need me
I'll be there quick fast in a hurry
No need to worry
The all mighty gfk the master venger
New york [?] and [?] city defender

Ay yo, these streets is political, [?]
The government got you on strike by the visual
The tv the crack epidemic. The real drug dealers
Fake cops is true apologetic
How would you like to be in the court of law?
How would you like for me to put a bullet in your head as large as a baseball?
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