LETRASex With MeDaBaby

Oh yeah
Sex with me- Hahaha
It's that shit like
Like that shit when you get that lil' late night text
That, that "what you doin'?"
You know what I'm talkin' 'bout?
At like eleven or twelve o'clock, "What you doin'?"
That ain't DaBaby, that's my baby!

You know when we fuckin', I make love to you
I'ma get you high like the drugs do you
Put your hands behind your back like the judge do you
I'm tryin' to hear that ass clap, ain't no love music
We need to turn it up and put it on some trap music
Yeah I'ma bend you over to that Gucci Mane
Put my hands on your shoulders, I'm like, "Who the man?"
She bitin' on her bottom lip, screamin', "You the man"
Why you tryin' to run? Baby throw that ass
Put your leg behind your head like it's yoga class
And I know that shit hurt, you need to stretch, don't you
You know I don't show no mercy when I sex on you
Water water water water, I'ma dive in it
Who and it's gettin' deep, I can't survive in it
I'm in that pussy goin' dumb, lose my mind in it
You gon' have me actin' funny on my side bitches
You know the word around town, I got that thang thang
That's why all them bitches wanna be my main thing
You might as well fuck my nigga, it's the same thing
Back in high school, she let us run a train train (Choo choo)
Ridin' 'round the city with a nigga (Boop boop)
I'm your boyfriend for the night baby (Do you)
Actin' brand new on her boyfriend like (Who you?)
Run up on me actin' crazy, guaranteed to (Shoot you)
Ha, if I put it on her then she ain't gon' never forget about me
Leave her alone, guarantee she gon' start talkin' shit about me
I know she remember, that pussy get wet when she get around me
But she put up a wall, I'm figure out a way to get around it
Just to hit it one more time for the one time
And fuck her from the sun up to the sun down
I got her talkin' back to me, goin' dumb now
Say she finna cum for me, I say you can cum now
Used to be a side nigga, I'm the only one now
You done let DaBaby fuck her, now you fucked up
You used to be her boyfriend, ain't no point now
You fuck around and get her back if you luck up

What's up
That ain't DaBaby, that's my baby!
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