Letra de Asi Es El Mundo A B C En Ingles

de Canserbero

Oh baby listen up!
this account and not be believed
with you the last poet hardcore
from Caracas Venezuela, skills abc
Gonzalez aka dude is infinite ranking


Analyze souls out there analyzing alarm
Weapons adueñadas dawn walk burns aspiring to love
Suffocating souls around ...

Drinking crude brutality blasphemed bandits balurda
Burocrasia armored brute beasts brave bullets
Barrios bombed bourgeois danced ..

Centaurs with citadels ride chains
THEREFORE lacking candela Consciousness
Cannons capitulate Commissioner consents communities conspires complete when you fall ...

Too divine dam drug destroys say distorts
Weakness crime dominates dynamite left devastated too
During dictatorship of unfortunate ...

Conceits is that emperor finding emonumentos
Lying in the bedding circumvents this cheating cheating
Evidently wandering praises Elector ...

Happiness finally fixed phobia fatality died fabela
Fornication frustration fury forced Pharisees
Bragging fiction ...

Gray Gemografia moaning fête rulers enjoying soaring profits generated germinate Petrol guerrilla wars Genocita government spends great warriors ...

H he h hondad hip hop has honestly humility
Heroism skill I've done made history hymns
I made milestones doing hip hop hysteria children ...

Unhappy Anger boarding ignoring inclement infudadenuncia hell
Ideology illogical illegitimate rule ...

Righteous Judge sheikhs fucking swear jorocando young Jucás jubilemolos
Together ja justice Jurassic jacuzzi jewelery juries
Justify hierarchy ...

Kilometrico karma (Kpu)

Literature slight rain lyrics cry tears lawmakers
Thieves profiting hurt liberation loyalty Freedom America ...

Memorizing much much death look damn evil
Move mountain masses lie my mother died
My best woman in my world I move my memory framework dying ...

Needing nothing nights noctanbulo numbers nourished children not
Our nature needs us narciciatas born born nefarious neo ...

Orders require bold proud hatred obscenity offend
Objectivity forgotten offense gold offered agencies choose
Sort darkness ...

People seem pensions for pigs
Dog thinks for poor police prisoners painted dove prices
Poverty budget Pa cousin Possessing popular posts plus ...

Those who want to stay five hundred fifth complain
Who stay who takes who is bankrupt is quemao
Removes wanting whoever quitense break you ...

Rolling track ruins robbing rich resources racist rats
Actually reads magazines drafted challenges religion religious kings
Receiving stolen income ...

Senators supposedly dirty socialist Societies
Sensational salaries continue to undermine its soil suturing
Sincerantes serum-free rooms ...

Try to touch your eardrum issues trying your chest trasecar drilled all
Your tuetano icebergs such technology also knocking tinanicos
I passed tetanus ...

A customary unit only utopia will urge urge urged urns
Uniformed city usually finalized umbria props lately ...

Venezuela viciously raped repeatedly visionaries are sold via
Vision sells sailing virgin visquevenda travels violence velosmente
vaccinating veins ...

Word wonderfull weed wild wild wild west web wpa

XYZ ... I respected student if rhyme from A to Z. ..
OH so is the world ABC (bis)
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