Dreammaker ooooooooo dream maker

Baby i thinking bout just what i wanna do i dont care if im
Wrong i think im in love wit you (think im i love wit you)
And all of my friends say that im moving to soon i dont care
What they say i want to give myself to you
Dreammaker make my dreams come true 2nite if i close my eyes
Would you hold me tight all nite
Dreammaker heres what we going do 2nite we gonna make sweet love
2 the morining light yeah yeah

I want you to have me all to yourself i got to be wit you i dont
Want no one else you given me evrything i couldnt ask for more i
Need to be with you without you i just cant go on


Imma tell yall a lil summin bout dreams
Dreams really really really do come true
See i got a dream maker (how about you)
Dreams are made not by one but two
Yall know what im talkin bout (let me tell yall what im talkin bout)


Thank you thank you yal so kind (so kind)
I hope yall had an enjoyable evening 2nite
But befroe i get out of here imma leave yall wit this one

Its murdea ooooooooooooo murdes it murdea oooooooooooooooo murdea
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