Letra de Lines

de A-ha

All my life x7

Lines, tell 'em read between it
Tripping while I'm slippin' busy fighting off these demons
Listen when I'm sptttin' boy you probably won't believe it
But life so terrific tell em pinch me if I'm dreaming
Revenues what I get your bitches are what I did hit
Came out my business them pesos what I did get
Made a hit had a fix they saying who's the shiznits
Tell em get off my diznuts you bucketheaded bitches
Crossin' all the lines, time is only raisin' time
He flippin' to the ball so I'm only raisin' mine
Dependin' on the grind is the only way to shine
So I'm feelin' like the odds is the only state of mind
And it's finna get me pieced, life up in these streets
Equipped it with a piece case you niglets wanted beef
Cause man gave us loss and God gave us time
It's the art of story telling and I'm only telling mine

And we've called
Have always been why I've lost
It changes all the time
Cause I wonder how
I'm happier when I lose
But I've [?] all my life

Straight out of the belly of East Point yeah that's my origins
Was born in west Savannah, Georgia then I was born again
Like the baby in the manger, I gave my life to Jesus
Because he could protect me From the dangers in the circle of angels
Just to help me sign my halo
Attended Sunday school but it felt like it was everyday though
I didn't have a suit or no fancy shoes we went in our play clothes
Received the word and it molded me like play-dough
But nigga we don't play though, we don't play though
They say we get lower than an alligator snake boat
And when I say gator I mean that gator that match that sight boat
Fur coat I wish that Peter would throw blood up on my fur faux, why
Ass whoopin' they out here eatin' flesh but they worry about how I'm lookin'
I stay simply fresh to day so lose your left foot, best foot, forward
You reap what you sew and now it showin'

[Hook: Sarah Barthel]

Talkin' away
I dont know what
Today's another day to find your love shyin' away
I'll be coming for your love, okay?
Take on me
Take me on
I'll be gone
In a day or two
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