Big Star Kenny Chesney

Letra de Big Star

She was aware of her insicturities as she took the stage.
she was convinced if she got up there that she'd be discovered some day,
so she belted it,
she hit the high notes fearlessly
oh, she melted it, as she brought them to their feet
she was a big star at nana joe's bar where she sang karaoke every night.
she said if you work hard to get where you are it feels good in the hot spotlight,
she was a big star.
She made the loacal cable shows where the camera fell in love with her face.
after a coupla weekends the groupies were crawling all over the place.
she signed autographs, like she was garth brooks in a skirt
and in the aftermath, that small-time town was hers.
She doesn't care anymore that her highschool girlfriend cut her hair
the only thought she entertains is where they are, and when she's there.
All her old neighbors swear their certain she slept her way to the top.
she knows you don't get where you're going less you've got something they don't got.
so she sings tonight, infront of 20,000 plus
and the young girls scream out loud
man that could be us.
She's a big star and she eats caviar just before she performs every night.
she says if you work hard to get where you are it feels good in the hot spotlights
she's a big star.
she's a big star.

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